Who are we ?

ANETIS EURL is a accounting frm,  member of the French Institute of Chartered or Certified accountants (“Ordre des Experts Comptables”) and of the French Institute of Legal Auditors (“Compagnie des Commissaires aux Comptes”).

Our expertise

Our expertise is to assist non-French companies setting or leading an activity in France.

We can provide small business advisory services in various fields: administrative, accounting, fiscal, social, legal and financial.

We can provide the following assistance:

  • Preparing a business plan and setting up your structure in France
  • Doing the current tasks such as implementing a proper administrative organization, doing the bookkeeping, the monthly reporting, the year-end statutory accounts, coping with the tax compliance, processing the payroll and the social returns, assisting with the yearly shareholders’ meeting and publication of the yearly statutory accounts in the commercial court
  • Intervene with specialized lawyer if necessary : social lawyer for labor agreement, tax lawyer for tax audit, corporate lawyer for contracts…

Our assistance aims both to comply with the local obligation and to liaise with the investors and the Directors.

Operating procedures

At the beginning of our cooperation, we shall prepare an assignment proposal with a description of the tasks carried out and the related costs.

We shall attest of the content of the statutory accounts and be accountable of the fulfilment of our mission.

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